Hello everyone!

This is my first post here, so I apologize in advance for formatting issues or if this is in the wrong section..

Anyways, here is my dilemma:

I have been playing guitar for many years, I dabble mostly in rock, classic rock, heavy metal, hair metal, and occasional blues. I own several guitars (Gibson LP, Jackson King V and Kelly, Ibanes S, Fender Strat) and I love all of them for the unique qualities that they possess, but I have always been drawn to PRS guitars for some reason. Every time I pick one up it feels familiar and comfortable like a perfect mesh combination of many of the guitars I own and love (Strat and Les Paul mainly). I don't really know why I have been holding out on getting one for so long, but I seem to have come upon an opportunity to get one and it seems it fits my style perfectly. It is a 2014 SE Custom 24 Floyd Rose model for ~$600. 

I worked at Sweetwater Sound for a while and always heard how legendary PRS quality and playability is from their technicians and engineers, my biggest regret is having not played more of them while I was there. The times I did; however, felt amazing.... they felt... right. 

My question to all of you is whether or not (in your opinion) you think it is worth the investment given the information I have provided. My holdup in buying he guitar is whether or not it will offer something truly different than what I have already (PRS fanatics, please don't crucify me for saying that). Given my limited experience with PRS I really would like a second opinion. If I was to get a PRS (if not this one), it would be my daily player for a while and it would have to have a Floyd Rose. I am trying to keep the total cost under $700 if at all possible. 

As a last note, I would be buying this guitar online, so I would not have a chance to play it in person prior to my purchase. 

Let me know if there is anything I left out that might help, thank you in advance! 
With how each person meshes with guitars, you really need to try them out. Even the 'cheap' PRS SEs (or whatever they are called now) are pretty good guitars. The only 2017 model is almost $900 tho, so if you're looking at $700, you will need to buy used or find NOS/clearance.
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