Line 6 Spider II (2x12) takes a lot of space, but I keep it around just for one patch - last setting in Insane channel. This is a fixed all-in-one combination of synth-octaver and distortion that comes on with Flanger by default, but sounds best without it. I believe it tries to figure out what notes you are playing (like a synth pedal) and then sends that into pre-defined octave-dist effect so your guitar tone is not actually a component in the result. I guess that makes it a copy of MXR blue box, but sounds different.

AFAIK, there are no smaller amps or guitar FX rigs from Line 6 that have this patch (i.e. if I got a tiny cube amp from Line 6, it wouldn't have this patch). The patch is also gone from all the amps after Spider II. Do any gear gurus on here know of a software offered by Line 6, or a compact FX rig, that has this same patch? It's already digital sounding, so I doubt that having it in software would degrade anything here

...I suppose I am open to getting the amp out of its housing and cutting off speaker leads but I don't know if there is a way to do that without damaging transformer which needs its speaker load, etc.

Thank you!
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