so I wan't to use a keyboard to input drums in Ableton

but in the default drum racks some dummy made the useful drum rack notes (the kicks and some snares/toms) in the 1st and 0 octaves and keyboards don't go down that low, so I can't play them

I can't drag them up higher to make them playable

I have Live Lite.

do I need to fork over for Intro to be able to move drum rack stuff to notes that keyboards can use? or am I missing something. I want to map them how I want but they aren't moving

If you have a keyboard, set your octave to -1.

Now those hits will be 1 octave higher on the keyboard.
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This might be overkill for your purposes, but the freely downloadable MaxForLive devices that together allow you play pitch changes from one track in realtime, with these pitch changes being received on other tracks and causing whatever they're playing to be transposed accordingly. For example, suppose you're improvising, laying down musical ideas, and would like use a single finger of your left hand to simultaneously transpose the notes coming from clips on your bass and pad tracks, while using your right hand to play melody on a lead synth VST. This is very easy to accomplish with TransposerRT.

The devices are available for download from http://www.maxforlive.com . Enter TransposerRT in the search box and you should find them. On the download page, you'll see a description and a link to a YouTube tutorial video.

FYI, here's how it works:

One of the devices is the pitch offset Sender and the other is the Receiver. The Sender generates and sends pitch offsets. It has a setting called Root Pitch; upon receipt of a MIDI note, the Sender compares the incoming note's pitch with the root pitch. and the difference between the two is sent out as the offset. So if the root pitch is 60 (C3, Middle C) and you play the note one octave above (C4, 72), the difference is 72-60 = 12 semitones, which is sent out as the offset.

A Receiver device sits on a MIDI track before the VST (or instrument, external device etc.), and passes MIDI notes from the track's currently playing clip. However, before passing on the MIDI notes, it adjusts their pitch in accordance with the latest offset from the Sender. So, for example, if the latest pitch offset from the Sender is 12 semitones, then notes output from the clip will be transposed 12 semitones before being passed on to the VST.
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You should be able to change your drum mapping, I remember doing this in Cubase with ease, you just say what note points to what. Check your DAW manuals as well, there might be a midi transpose plugin, sounds like you need to drop an octave below what you have.

Ableton seems to have a way to use the keyboard to play midi:



keyboard next to pencil tool should activate that feature