I am too new to have any idea what I am talking about so I  just need to know how important this little wire thing on the bridge is. I think its just to stop the grooved pieces the strings go over from falling out of the bridge when you are messing with it.... Sorry I cant add pics it seems =/

*edit here is a link to a pic http://imgur.com/Im0TvR8
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Tony Done Thanks Tony, mine is loose it seems. Is this a big deal? do I even honestly "NEED" it? It fell off during the guitars last tuning and it has had me perplexed...
The retaining wire does two things. It stops the saddles from falling out when there's no string tension, and it stops the screws that adjust the intonation of the saddles from rattling around from string vibration. Unfortunately it doesn't really do a particularly good job at either of those things, as it tends to come loose by itself. Which is why Gibson changed the design to the Nashville-style that doesn't need a retainer wire, instead it has spring clips for each individual saddle that fit under the bridge.
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