I've been looking for some good reproductions of vintage amps and finally narrowed it down to thees 4 amps...

[Oahu Chicago Triple](http://www.vintage47amps.com/Oahu-Chicago-Triple/)


[The Spectator](http://www.vintage47amps.com/The-Spectator/)

[ National / McKinney](http://www.vintage47amps.com/National-/-McKinney/)

Which one?
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(im choosing of which seems to be more visually pleasing or just better than the rest at playing to a small amount of people,They mostly have the same tone)  
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Cool amps!

Me, I would snag the V47. With the Oahu,  I am not sold on the speaker configuration. The Bronson is cool but the watts are a bit high at 12.....I see myself getting more use out of the 7 watt V47.
Guitaraxe I see how the v45 would be rather good(especially since its the cheapest out of the 3).Now I seem to be leaning towards either the Bronson/National(For its sheer intermediateness) or the oahu (Because of the amount of speakers,basically Loudness).Now the decision is basically a coin flip(kinda).  
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I buy amps based on tone and practicality. The National seems to fit my criteria but since you don't say what you are playing, hard to tell