Hello Gal's n Djent's, lately I've been checking local websites (Poland) and check out what I found. Advert says it's Squier Strat MIJ from 80's. Can smbdy tell me it is true ? Or seller "thinks" it is, but it's not Second question, is this MIJ squiers worth smth or this is the same quality like vintage modified and other new stuff ? 

i've never tried any MIJ squiers, so this is just general advice.

they're meant to be good, i think, but there are different ranges at different price points. also because of their relation to fender, they're probably dearer than they should be- if you just want a good guitar, japanese-made tokais and similar stuff is likely the same quality for less money.

and as you said yourself, i'd be incredibly sceptical of any claims made by the seller along the lines of "I think it's such-and-such a model" or similar. That's weaselly and usually used for plausible deniability- when you realise it's actually not that model at all, the seller will claim, "well, I did say I wasn't 100% sure..."

I'm not going to say never, but very rarely do you get a seller who has incorrectly identified a high-end, expensive model as a low end one. The other way round, though...
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It's not a model made for the US as those had a large heastock. I'm not sold on it being as claimed.
It does look like an MIJ Squier.However not one of those sought after JV reissue ones.They go for silly money now.
I had an MIJ Squier Strat when i was young in the 90's and they were cheap and great for the money but sold it like an idiot.They were worth it for the quality to price ratio back then.Now they go for more than there worth simply because of that reputation.