Hi folks. Since about a month I've worked at an instrument store and it got me to back more into music. Since I'm an employee, I've got some pretty pretty neat discounts on gear. So I have, as a project for this summer, to get me some new gear for my guitars because I'm sick of the cheap things I've got. For now, I intend to get a Fender American Elite Telecaster and a new full tube amp. I've tried the Fender Blues Junior III and it was love at first sight (or ears). By the way, I am a huge fan of Fender. But then when I had some free time, I also tested a Marshall DSL40C and tried to see what it could take. Now I'm in a debate with myself for knowing which one would be the perfect match for me. I still have my Cort Zenox42 with two really basic humbuckers, which is a very cheap guitar I got at age 15 but still love and would change for nothing in the world. I really love the Junior III for it's clean and crunchy tone paired with the Telecaster. But when I tested the Marshall, I wanted to ear what it sounds like with more heavy distortion and metal pedals and love the sound as well.

You got to know that I'm a guy who loves being able to play almost all kind of music with the less gear possible (which I know, is very utopic). 

So for someone who likes to play with clean, crunchy, bluesy and light distorted tones but also feels safe with enough versatility to play pretty much anything, even going to metal if the occasion is there, what do you thing would be the best?
Based off of your tone leanings description I would say the Blues III with out-boarding a pedal or two for heavier things.  
The 40W amps sound significantly different from their 15W counterparts both the Fender and the Marshall Even though the 15W and 40W are desigined/voiced similarly, the difference can be heard. Particularly in the low end. The DSL40C is a great amp and so is the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. But the DSL15C in my opinion is not a good amp. I like the Blues Junior. It is light and has a good sound.

While the Fender takes pedals even better than the Marshall, I find the DSL40 to be more versatile. The Fender is a great clean amp and it does that very well. The Marshall cleans are not as good as the Fender, but the crunch setting of the Marshall is great and the lead channel is very usable.
Gab_Azz How does the Junior III takes the pedals better and why? And also, does the fact the the DSL40C has two speakers instead of one like the Junior really gives a lot of improvement or not particularly? 
The Fender takes pedals better due to the way it is voiced. Particularly with some gain, modulation and delays.

Both the DSL 40C and Blues Jr. Have one 12 inch speaker.