Hey guys, I bought a Fender Stratocaster Elite with SSS pickups and am wanting to convert it to an HSS. I ordered the SSS because I didn't like any of the colors for the HSS. But I'm having a hard time getting rock and metal music to sound right without a humbucker.
So it looks like the humbucker used on the Elite is a Shawbucker like this one here. Look like the right one?
I'd also like to add the "Passing Lane" switch as well from the HSS Elite. So I'm thinking I'll need the Shawbucker, the switch, and a new pickguard. I'd like to make it all look factory original. I've never modified a guitar any further than strings so I'm really unsure of what to do so I could really use some help. Thanks guys!
On the HB side of things, does your guitar have a " swimming pool" route under its pickguard, or is it specifically made SSS?

If the former, any old HB you care to use will be fine.

If the latter, you'll need to do some woodworking OR buy a singlecoil-sized HB. Personally. I'd opt for the latter.
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