I just picked up a jcm800kk 2203. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a 2x12 cab? Also, This is my first amp head and was wondering about ohms. Nothing I saw on YouTube was very clear to me. I have two speakers I'll probably use in it l. A vintage 30 and a g12hot100. Both 16 ohms. -Thanks
Forgot to mention I'm open to getting used equipment trying to stay under 300$ spent most of the cash on the head
Cool amp. The back of the head will have speaker ohm / input options. Lots out there with a 2x12 cab. You could go new, used, loaded, unloaded. Ply cabs are nice. I would hit GC and see what they have used. I've bought a few 1x12, 2x12, 4x12 's from them over the years and you can get some deals.... Laney, PV, Jet City, etc.... If you are not sure if it's ply or not, typically you can take off a metal corner cover and see.
Solid birch? Lots of  cabs are made from a Baltic birch-ply, it's a classic construction choice. A solid pine cab is cool but maybe not for a big 4x12. I imagine a solid pine cab that big could have the potential to warp. 
Guitaraxe[/USER I think tpinee was a 2x12 I'm looking at orange cabs at the moment just don't know if I wanna go 4x or 2x
Orange cabs are great, especially if you are a vintage 30 fan. Personally I fell out of love for the v30s a few years ago and went to Celestion Cream backs and i love them. as for 4x12 or 2x12, I would recommend a 2x12 it will save you from breaking your back when you have to move it.
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electricbunny yea I like vintage 30s yea that's a plus for the 2x12 I just missed out on a deal on an orange ppc212 for 250$ on Facebook

If you're talking about the closed back British-made (and not the open back Chinese one) one that's an absolutely smoking deal. Those cabs kick ass. The Chinese ones not so much.
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