Looking for good patient people who are dedicated to music and willing to write stuff with me. Im in the desert! help! ANYONE LIKES HEAVY MUSIC,PSYCHEDELIC ROCK,AMBIENT STUFF AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN??

Hello guys, Im almost 20yrs old I finished school and too shitty to go to the music college and im sure I dont really need it, but the reason i'd go is to find musician friends, I've never had anyone that has the same interest in music as I do. So yeah.. The moment when I found myself was in 10th grade, I was 16~ I never actually was big on music, but whenever I discovered ''metalcore'' (no, not that asking alexandria type shit, I like very unique stuff,not that ''emo bullshit'') I was like thats it... thats what I wanna do in life! I want to create music with electric guitar! I didnt know how to start to play that technical,fast pace music, so I bought ''rocksmith'' game, I thought that would teach me a bit, but that didnt teach me shit. I was just playing, not learning anything. After awhile I got depressed(for other reasons) and I stopped playing at all, but the desire to create music never faded, I just couldnt do it, I was pushing it to the next day,and then the next day.. etc.. Here I am now, I expected to be in a band by this time of my life but I just started moving further guitar skills wise.. I dont wanna do anything but create music, is there anyone who would want to get to know me better and create some music,maybe help me to grow(on the internet) and maybe even make a band? im willing to fly out to any country in the world. 
I see myself creating metalcore/ambient djenty/hardcore stuff like the following bands: reflections,loathe,bring me the horizon(old),Vola,heart in hand,northlane,ghost key,acres,sparrows(my fav hardcore band atm),dance gavin dance.

I also see myself going a different path - John frusciante.. his old stuff is just the best thing ive heard, I also love black light burns, wes borland as a solo artist is very underated, I think. I also love MGMT. this is the best version of this song, and this got me into psychedelic rock, I would love to write music like this.

So yeah.. If anyone that reads this(thank you for your time) like this as well and wants the most dedicated person alive to try write riffs and after a while maybe form a band - you have to fucking text meeeeeee!!!!! and lets do this. You can add me on facebook cuz I donno any other way u can contact me. My name is Laimis Buivydas (in the pic i have white hair and tattooed neck,face and arm, and my eyes look weird cuz im at the end of my lsd trip and smoked a joint) I dont do bad drugs, only psychedelics and very rarely, so yeh  

BTW Sorry for grammar mistakes and messy explanations, I never liked texting alot. Oohhh and I also recorded something.. its just sounds, its not supposed to be a song. Its like a storyline and stuff are going on. IDK I just love the effects that ''Guitar rig5'' offers (you can listen to it here - https://soundcloud.com/user-413667943/untitled ), and im also working right now on something similar but sounding like a propper song, im kinda stuck  so I wish someone would help me out.. 

If you actually read everything I wrote here - I fucking love you. 
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Nevermind my PM   " metalcore/ambient djenty" Is not at all what I'm looking for.

I'm into music that isn't particular to a shred-tastic or traditional guitar-rock style
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Hi! I've read the ad you have posted above (yes all of it.) and it got my interest. I would love to work on a metalcore / ambient djent song. You know, writing songs for fun etc. If you are interested in making some great songs, feel free to reply from here or send a personal message.
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