What do you think his rig would be?

Would he use some kind of super Strat with a Floyd?
Or would he still use his vintage Strats,SG's and Flying V's?
Or stick with Fender and Gibo and have new ones built?
Would he be a PRS guy?
Would he still use a big Marshall or maybe another brand?
Or modeling technology?
What would his pedal board look like?
My take on Jimi is that he tended to buy stuff that was cutting edge in order to play the music in his mind, but that gear also had to be dependable. So I'm guessing he'd have a mixed bag of practical and exotic pedals, a high-end amp, and a moderate stable of high-end guitars. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Moog Paul Vo, Parker Fly, Teuffel, etc., in his hands.
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He would most definitely have signature amps, signature pedals, signature guitars, signature toilet paper etc. His sound was so experimental in nature that it's hard to think of a guitar player that would be more difficult to predict the sound of if they were still alive. It's really anyone's blind guess.

I would blindly guess that he'd be open to using something like a Line 6 Variax. But answering the question of what guitar he would use today to get his signature sound, with the guitar that can produce pretty much any sound, seems like a cop out.

But the reality is that it's simply too hard to know to give a definitive answer.
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Jimi would likely be using a fairly simple setup and be playing blues at this point. He would have gone through tons of gear on his younger days though. Pedals, rack mounted, whatever was new.
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