Yo guys,

So here's what's going on. The AC-30 is becoming a pain in the ass to move all the time + shove in and out of my car. And to be honest, I can get away with less volume most of the time. Plus I've always wanted to put Celestion Blues in it (Vox you POS) so I'm bitter about the amp anyways.

SO, I'm looking for something 

1) Under 40 lbs 2) 15-25 watts 3) 1 speaker, preferably 12" 4) Somewhere in the middle of clean and dirty. I use a '61 RI SG, an EP Boost and MXR Distortion+, as well as modulation stuff. I play with no pedals on fairly often. Depending where we are my AC-30 is set to 35-45% on the master, 40-45% on the gain, so def some growl. We play something in the middle of 80's alternative/90's indie and punk. Pretty fast and loud 3 piece, but still pretty clean.

I will take recommendations beyond the two amps, but these are two that I liked when I took a quick look.

Under $800 used. I don't really care for vintage gear. I'd like an original DR, but price/availability...

Those amps are drastically different than an AC 30 - I would suggest renting one for a day to see if you actually like it. I did that last time I bought my amp, I rented a Deluxe Reverb, an AC 30 and a bunch of other amps - ended up buying a Lonestar Special, but I'm very glad I got to run the others' through their paces at jams because I would have deeply regretted buying them for various reasons.   You won't be getting any of the same gain sounds with those Fenders so it's really a stark difference. 

I know they aren't the same amp. I have played a Deluxe Reverb, and I plugged in an SG, cranked it with the reverb on 1-1.5 or so and got a nice fat sound - without pedals. I don't mind kicking on my boost and a distortion pedal for some more meat when I really want it. 

I am not looking for a replacement to my AC-30 necessarily. I think both amps are really versatile. Each has nice cleans, and when cranked get some nice breakup, although the AC-30 def has more.
I would think a used supersonic 112 combo (60 watt version) would fit the bill. Or an older pro-sonic if you want a fender.

Try a traynor ycv50blue if you get the chance, long shot but good one that also whales.
How about a Mesa Rectoverb?  It's 41 lbs but meets your other requirements.  Used about $600.  Other used Mesa 1x12 combos would be a good candidate as well like the F-30 or Express.  
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Those Traynor amps look pretty damn cool. Don't know if I'll have any luck coming across one, though. I do see a YCS50 near me?

I am very interested in a shootout between the Tiny Terror combo and Rectoverb. These are pretty much exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much guys. 

I'll let ya know how it goes for me if you care  

Here's where I'm at... July 4th weekend slowed me down a little in the search, lol.

Traynor is GONE.

Here's the options now:

-DRRI for $700

-22w Super Sonic for $550 (guy worked at Fender, is a prototype model, no serial number etc..)

or this really caught my eye...

- 1987 .22 Mesa Boogie with new tubes and speaker (didn't say what speaker yet) 

what say y'all?!
of those i'd go for the $550 fender if it worked correctly and i liked how it sounded. i haven't played a .22 mesa in a long time and a $700 drri is just an average deal on a one trick-ish pony. the super sonic 22 has a good chance of giving you a usable clean and dirty tone.

the prototype aspect, it could be a cool factor if it's true. but i wouldn't put too much into it unless there was a way to prove it. i don't think it would add any value since it's still a recent amp. but it does add a "cool story bro" aspect to it for whatever that's worth to you.
I think the prototype part is real.. the speaker has no marking, just some sharpie'd numbers, and no serial #. I don't really care, he's actually giving a better deal because of it.

This was actually my original selection :p ahaha

I think I'll have to try it out? That Mesa still looks cool though I think... lol
If you haven't bought anything yet, might I suggest:


The form you want, the weight you want, the price you want and- I think- the tones you want.

Another option in a more traditional tube amp is the Carvin V3MC
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I've honestly NEVER heard of these Quilter amps.. Guess they're new?

That could mean two things...

1) They are a great product, and since new, prob under priced

2) Too new to know if these really stand up?

I'm guessing you've used one dannyalcatraz 
They're an established but small company,

Tried them out after someone on another board recommended them to me. He was a lot like my guitar teacher, but @20 years older. And he basically described his Quilter in much the same way as my teacher described his Fender HRD combo.

And a HRD combo was my first- and up until this year, only- amp for the past decade+.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!