I was in my local shop yesterday and they had a new Gibson LG-2, there is a very small crack in the top, that runs from the sound hole, and ends where it meets the fingerboard.  I did not even notice this at first, the store owner pointed it out to me.

She made me an offer of $1200 for the guitar, and it sounds like that may still be negotiable.  From what i'm seeing, these go for about $1900 online (musicians friend, etc.)  The guitar has been in the shop for a little while, obviously the crack is bringing the price down, and I've been going in there for years, so I know i'm getting a bit of a preferred price on it.

It's very tempting. Guitar sounds and plays great, but obviously the crack has me concerned a bit.  The crack seems stable as it runs into the finger board.  

Question is, how concerned would you be about that crack?  Aesthetically, it does not bother me.    This is a better guitar than I could otherwise afford at the moment.  Should that crack be a deal breaker?  Please help
I would pass and go vintage Guild. Plenty of them out there for $800-$1000. GC for example.
Yeah...that crack is no bueno. You can probably find a luthier that will repair it but I'd ask for 50% off the full price or maybe around $800-900, or just get that guitar used. Considering that acoustically there's nothing wrong and that it is a crack only on the top and not the binding where neck meets body construction, it could possibly be just reinforced on the inside by a luthier so it doesn't continue breaking.
Knowing myself, even my single self-created ding on my spanish acoustic bugs me to no end, so that would probably drive me nuts to look at every day.
If I liked the sound, and the price was good I would buy it and get it fixed. A pro repair on something as small as that shouldn't cost much, and it isn't in a critical load-bearing position. My very old L-00 has three long repaired cracks in the top that have been stable for over 20 years. It works just fine.
A crack in that spot would put me off buying the guitar.  That portion of the guitar needs to be extra strong because it needs to compensate for the lack of support where the soundhole is.  A crack there can lead to tuning stability issues and the neck bending forward.  It could be nothing but for the price they are asking and the potential cost of future repairs I don't think it's worth the risk.
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