This thread will teach you how to change your strings on a guitar with a floyd rose bridge. The bridge is awesome as it is annoying. I had some problems with Floyd in the past, but UG had  the answers.

You Will Need:
Strings (I like Ernie Ball Skinny Tops Heavy Bottoms.)
An Allen Wrench
A String Winder (Optional)
A Tuner (Optional)
Something to Put Under the Bridge to Keep it Level With the Body (I use a deck of cards.)
A Guitar Stand (Optional [You can use something like a roll of paper towels])
Screwdriver (If needed.)
String Cutter (Optional)

1. Unlock the locking tuners.
2. Unwind the strings and take them off the pegs.
3. Unlock the saddles and take out the strings.
4. Open your new strings.
5. Cut off the balls and keep the thicker string on. (It holds better on the bridge)
6. Put the string in the saddle and lock the saddle.
7. Put the string in the tuning peg then wind it up. (If you have a reverse headstock, wind them up facing the right. if you have a normal headstopck, wind them up to the left. if you have a 3+3, wind the strings on the left facing left, and the right to the right.) After the string is in tune, give it a nice tug.
8: Finish the rest of the strings and lock up the tuners.
9: Enjoy your new strings!
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Not to be a dick, but there is a stuck thread at the top of this forum.

Here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226
   and with more detail and pictures.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
That's one way to do it. For most of my guitars, dealing with the allen wrench without scratching the surface behind the Floyd is a PIA.
So I clip all of the strings, undo the springs, pull the trem and put the strings into the saddles outside the guitar. Then put the trem back in, hook up the springs, run the strings through the posts and tune away.
for me, I just drop a wedge between the bridge and that cavity in the guitar (to keep it from slamming into the guitar), unscrew the little block things, unscrew the locking nut things, unwind and remove the strings (all of them so i can clean the dusty humbuckers), then new strings, insert the non ball part into the head stock tuners, clip the ball part and insert into the bottom of the space where the block is, squish the string between the block and saddle, wind up those strings, tune it up, clip the extra string stuff and done

I feel like it gets easier the more times you do it
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