Guitar cover of Shattering the Skies Above by Trivium, using an ESP M-1001 through a Roland Cube 60.

Started playing guitar when I was 14 but stopped when went to Uni, picked it up again last year for the first time in 5 years. First cover I've ever done, wanted to gauge the progress I'd made in the past year, keen to hear any thoughts/feedback.

Pretty cool man. This is one of my all time favourite songs so naturally i had to watch it! Your chops are pretty spot on but your lead playing could use a lot of work, but this is a difficult song so i wouldn't get too down about that. In particular I noticed a lot of your bends were flat and your vibrato near non existent. No solo (easy or hard) will sound any good with poor vibrato / flat bends. I hope that didn't sound too harsh. Keep it up dude!
Cheers man, yeah I got pretty hooked on this song aswell. Yeah I never noticed how off the solos sounded til until I recorded myself and watched back, particularly 2nd and end of the 3rd solo, definitely something to work on, cheers for the feedback, much appreciated!