I purchased an Epiphone acousti, and everything is near perfect except a large rectangle across the bottom. It looks like there was once a sticker here, but it has discolored the wood under the finish. My question is, should I attempt to restain it, or should I cover it up? I can have any design custocustom made from vinyl. I have not played it he's, not really heard the sound so changing it isn't a huge concern. At the same time I do prefer a good sounding guitar. Any advice?
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I would likely try removing the finish and redoing it with Danish Oil or Tru Oil, but it isn't easy if it is a catalysed poly finish. They are very hard and resistan to paint stripper. I redid a uke like that, but I'm not entirely happy with the result due to the problems encountered while getting the poly finish off. The Danish Oil itself looks fine as a low gloss.
On acoustic guitars the finish has a huge effect on tone.  Refinishing an acoustic also kills resale value.  If you like the tone of the guitar don't refinish it.  If you might want to sell in later on don't refinish it.  If you plan on keeping it and don't care for the current tone then a refinish could be worth doing.  Don't use a paint stripper on an acoustic. You need to sand back to bare wood and then choose a new finish and apply it.  I like to use either shellac or oil finishes on acoustic guitars but that is just my personal taste.

covering it with a little patch of vinyl wouldn't  have a noticeable impact on tone.  Just keep in mind that the vinyl will prevent discoloration the same way the sticker that was there before did.  If you change your mind about having vinyl on the guitar a few year later then you will have an even larger, multicolored patch that doesn't match the rest of the guitar.
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