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Martin 000X1AE
2 17%
Martin 000RS1
7 58%
Taylor 114e
4 33%
Voters: 12.
Hi which guitars do you guys think would be the better choice? In terms of tonality, playability, and durability?
I'm not sure about these particular models but IMO Taylors sound better than Martins at similar prices. In fact many guitars sound better than the cheaper Martins at the same price.
You found these at Peninsula? Or online?

To me, these 2 things differenciate between *most* Martins and Taylors,

1) Martins tend to sound warmer and woodier. It's been a Martin trait and tone. Taylors sound more brighter and has less emphasis on the low end. It's a tonal preference thing, play a Martin and then a Taylor and see which you'd prefer.

2) A *regular* Martin usually has greater resale value (and overall value) compared to a similar *regular* Taylor. If reselling is on your mind do take this into consideration.

And lastly, sg Peninsula and Excelsior have lots of guitars on sale, both new and used, for incredible prices. Do drop by and scan through and play through your favourites to see what is the best to you.
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I'd go RS1.  It's the most expensive out of the three, but it's also the one that isn't laminate.  

I'll probably get blasted on this, but I've always viewed Taylor and Martin as interchangeable.  They have little nuances that separate them, but they're great accompaniment guitars.  Watch enough Bluegrass circles you'll see what I mean, Taylors and Martins and they hardly sound any different.

That being said, I've also always viewed the Taylor vs Martin thing as a quality of build and feel.  Personally, I like the way a Martin feels, so I go Martin.  My buddy likes the way Taylor feels, so there ya go.  
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The martin 000rs1 is a nice guitar with solid top, back and sides and good construction. I would consider it to be an upper midrange instrument in terms of value and quality. The 000X1AE is part of the budget series martin puts out.  The back and sides are not real wood and to my ear it doesn't sound as good as a guitar with the real wood martin are trying to imitate.  I would consider it to be teetering on the edge of upper low end and lower midrange in terms of quality and value.  It isn't nearly as nice as the 000rs1.  The Taylor is a slightly different beast because Taylor takes a slightly different approach to guitar making than Martin.  Martin use thicker tops and different bracing than Taylor so in terms of tone they sound very different.  100 series Taylor's use good construction and laminate back and sides.  Laminates are more stable than solid and more durable than HPL.  I don't think laminates tend to sound as good as solid guitars but there are always exceptions and sometimes you get solid wood guitars that sound like a pigs ear and laminate guitars that sound great.  In terms of quality I would place the taylor in the lower midrange bracket.

Ultimately you should get the guitar that you think sounds the best.  In terms of quality of construction and materials I would say the 000rs1 is by far the best but if you think the Taylor sounds better then you should still get the Taylor.  I would stear clear of the 000X1AE because as a luthier I have seen a LOT of martin X series guitars come into my shop because the HPL is delaminating and when hpl starts to crumble or delaminate you can't do anything to fix it.
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AORNova saw on Swee lee's website and luther music's website for the Taylor and city music for the martins.
I tried my friend's 000X1AE and I find the feeling of the fingerboard and the neck abit weird so I'm not sure about whether to get that or not. I went to check the specs of the 000RS1 online and the specs are around the same so I'm not that sure about the martins. Haven't tried the Taylor yet so I'm not sure about that too.
I went guitar shop hopping a few weeks back already but none of the guitars really caught my eye except the Alvarez LJ60 which was sold out by the time I decided to get it.
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Taylor on constructional/durability grounds - the bolt-on, shim adjustable neck - tone and feel are personal preference.

Ah yes, slipped off my mind, thanks Tony! This is also a +1 for Taylors. Easier to adjust or reset the neck if need be.

The 000RS1 is the best specced out of the three. But since you don't like the feel of the X1, maybe try out a Taylor before committing to the Rs1? So you can gauge its feel as well.
I'm not big on Richlite so from that list I would go Taylor. 

Me, with that budget,new I would prol' go Yamaha LL16 in a nice brown sunburst. Used, you can get vintage Guilds around that price range.