Title says it all. In need of an acoustic guitar amp that could  help with playing at small/medium sized gigs. Preferably something that could also decently support a mic as well. The two amps i came across that piqued my interest were the fender acoustic 100 and the marshall as50d. However I have not managed to find a single video or demo of the fender being used in a collab with a mic. Perfomance-wise I am definitely leaning towards the marshall as it seems to pack more value for its price, however the fender is a tad more portable, which is an important factor for me. Honestly not looking for something to blow a lot of cash on so let's say I'd go up to about $500 for a box'o'sound. Feel free to add your own suggestions, since this is technically going to be my first ''acoustic exclusive'' amp. Phantom power input is a plus, but not a necessity. Thanks in advance  
dspellman Problem being that carvins are extremely hard to come by both in retail and used, at least here in Europe (Norway to be more precise). Tried searching my ''local craigslist'' and literally got 0 matches for carvin at all. Will try my best to find one and try it out, but until then other suggestions are also welcome. 
Dang, and I could have had the "Bachlorette" crew drop one off when they were there in early April freezing their butts off...

So Carvin doesn't ship to Norway? I know there are Carvin "dealers" in Europe somewhere.
No friends coming to visit?

The Marshall is $399 here, with 50W and a pair of really marginal 8" speakers. The AG300 has a 12" LF driver, a 6.5" mids driver and a 1" tweeter with 200W RMS of power and a pretty serious built-in mixer. All of the AG series have pole mounts built in, and some allow tilt-back, and the extension speaker (both of which match their respective amps) increases the power output to 250W. And they have pole mounts as well.

For all of that, the AG isn't all that much heavier than the Marshall.

I have the old discontinued AG100D, which had 100W RMS, a 12" woofer in a closed-back ported enclosure plus a 1" tweeter and effects built in. It's getting a little beat up, mostly because I have a female friend who's fallen in love with it and "borrows" it for performances. At some point, I think she's going to stick an envelope with cash on my door with a note that says, "It's MINE! It's NEVER COMING BACK!" She's been trying to talk me out of it forever
I played acoustic accompanist for years in an acoustic duo with an electric guitar amp - a Peavey Classic 30 - because I preferred the slightly mellower tone to offset the "Taki quack" of a piezo pickup. So keep an open mid and try as many different amps as you can. This is assuming your guitar has a built-in preamp amp, otherwise you will need an external preamp/buffer. I think that some acoustic amps come with a very high impedance input that doesn't need a separate preamp, but I'm not sure which ones.
dspellman Well problem with buying stuff from outside of norway is the country's trade policies themselves. If the item's price exceeds 350 NOK (roughly $40) it gets a 25% tax on the entire price (shipping included) at customs, which is just a low blow when you're trying to save up cash. 

On the other hand when have you known guitarists that have friends? That word escaped my dictionary when i bought a guitar one day and decided to escape the circle of humanity. 

Regardless, I see you're really insisting on that carvin so I'll try my best to find it before making my final decision (which will be in about 15 days or so). However I find the odds stacked against me. I doubt your female friend would be very pleased if you sent that amp halfway across the world to penguin land, but after listening to some demos of it, I can understand why she won't give it back.

Im in a tough spot though, since my job doesnt allow me to have a lot of free time to try out amps + the fact that i have 0 experience with acoustic amplification = ask people online. 
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If you need to do vocals as well you would be better off with a small portable PA system for gigs.

One of the distinguishing features of acoustic amps is that they generally (always?) have mic input. This would be the only reason I personally would buy one, if I wanted to do vocals (which I don't), as opposed to an electric or keyboard amp for instrument-only.
Researched a good deal and apparently to get a carvin in Europe your best bet would be to make a bud in the US and get them to ship it for you. Now I'm not asking for volunteers, but I'm asking for volunteers. 
i'll help you out if you need something sent, but i would think you can grab a powered speaker for under $500. those can be had here for $300, new in box.

i have an EV-ZLX-12P, scored it for $249 on a silly sale. let me know, I'm sure we can find you something.
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