My friend has recently gave me an old electric guitar one with tony stewart on it by silvertone, and i thought it would be a cool to put stickers on it. Is this a good idea or should i just leave the guitar be.
Personal decision.
For example, I'm not a fan, and I don't buy used guitars that have (or have had) stickers on them. Ditto cases.
For me it's a bit like finding a girl's previous boyfriend's name tattooed on a private part.

But if you think it's cool, go ahead.
If you think it'll look good, or if you like it, go ahead

Personally, I think the look that came out of the box is the best look
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As others have said, do what you want.

I've mostly used stickers on the back with artists that inspired me. In the case of my Washburn WG587, it was because of some cosmetic stuff to cover up. I happen to have some stickers from Gears of War 4 to assist. That said, I'm not putting stickers on my Septor 727, which is basically my prize. Again, do what you want.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer
Keep in mind, that stickers left on over time are a bitch to get off cleanly, and are likely to leave a "shadow" due to fading.
And no, they don't make you play better.

I avoid guitars with stickers... but that's just me.
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If it's an older used guitar that does not have a great finish then sure just make sure to put high quality stickers on it that won't fade/rub off when you sweat or clean the guitar.

If i have a nice guitar with a really nice finish there is no way I'd sticker it up one could argue that the stickers can always be removed but the finish beneath them will be void of any slight fading or swirling that the rest of the guitar will sustain soo once removed the outline of the stickers will still be clearly visible.

I have a friend that bought a used 1980 Les Paul it's white but the finish has nicely yellowed to a cream color and looks like Randy Rhoads famous Les Paul, it is a great guitar but on the back there is a bright white rectangle where a sticker had once been, luckily it is on the back.

I used to have an old Aria Pro II Rhoads-ish shaped V back in the early 90's when I was in a band. It was a great player for a cheap guiater and I covered it with stickers most of which were black and white, the guitar was black and at the time I was into the look and it had that Jeff Hanneman vibe going on. TBH I wish I still had that old beater sticker and all as it captured a time I recall fondly.
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Hey, if you like it, go for it....I have an old strat copy that's full of stickers bc it has a shit paint job, but my nicer guitars, I'd never...

I think it looks amateurish and can damage the finish but it's not my guitar so do what you want with it.
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Just kidding... If it's your guitar it's up to you, it's an interesting, inexpensive and (hopefully) easily removable customization to make it look unique.

If we're taking if I'd ever put one on mine, no. Not even those designed to take up the whole guitar front (such as those Zakk Wylde LP decals), they usually bring to my mind those ricer cars full of crap stickers; distasteful imo. Even if the idea is to hide a ding or scratch, I'd rather have it visible than put a sticker over it.
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IMO they look cool on a solid color guitar but I wouldn't put them on a flame top or sunburst, etc. Of course it also depends on the stickers. There's a store on ebay (jockomo?) that has some pretty cool ones that are good quality and easily removable.