My band Archres (www.facebook.com/archreswny) just recorded a new single. This is our first one after our original singer had to leave the band and I'm now singing by default. And we kind of had to go mad scientist on some things while recording in order to get a few things to work together...so I'm definitely interested in some constructive feedback.

Thanks in advance!


And if you dig it, help yourself to a free download!
Hey man!

That's a great song you have there! Really liked the (octave?) harmonies and the build-up (palm-muted guitars). Really like that kind of song. Takes a good songwriter to pull one off! Structure-wise, reminded me of Radiohead's 'I promise' which i think is a great track of itself.

One possible improvement, tho. The lead guitar seems to be not working in this one - nothing really stands out (might be a mixing issue, but I think the parts themselves are not really up to the task), that's the short and the long of it. Everything is played by the book, so isn't really hooky but doesn't sound bad either.

Man I'd kill to have that color to my voice!

You can check out my tune at

s1ckandt1r3d some big compliments in there...thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

Really enjoyed your song. I couldn't put my finger on what it sounds like exactly which is obviously a good thing...but I heard many influences. Kept thinking that it was like if Nirvana had lasted until the late 90's but with a bit of a modern twist...which is super cool. Definitely don't hear that type of stuff anymore and some of my favorite music has that type of vibe to it. Production wise doesn't sound bad either. Vocals are clean, but not too clean. Seems to have just the right amount of dirt on it. Overall, nice job.