Hi, I'm from Argentina
I need to know some pedals because, im beginner.
My country r a shit, all things and stuff r expensive so . . .  
I need to know the cheapest pedals possible for get a sound like:
(Progresive,Math Rock, Metalcore-Melodic/Hardcore/Pop Punk)

American Footbal, CHON, Sythu Aye, Plini and something like 'Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!',
Carousel Kings, etc.

This is my actual stuff, rate it if u can:

*Epiphone Les Paul Standard Black
*Orange Dark Terror 15w
*Orange PPC112
* Dunlop MXR M116:Fullbore Metal
*Mooer Micropedal Delay Ana Echo

Thanks for any help!  
You'd have better luck posting this in the Guitar Gear & Accessories sub-forum.

All that being said you have a very good amp, but it's a bit too dark/heavy for the more proggy stuff you want to play. I'd personally invest in a Mesa if i wanted a tube amp for that kind of stuff, otherwise I'd go for a multi-effects unit. I also wouldn't consider the les paul too appropriate, but your amp is more of an immediate concern.