Wow, the depreciation of the Euro has not been good on my wallet. I've bought a lot of gear this year.

I ordered this guy 8 months ago. It's a 7 string fanned fret Hapas.

When I ordered this one there weren't that many people building tele style fanned fret seven strings. There still isn't that many. Diesel makes one now...the rest are all custom shops.

Let's see if this Facebook hot linking works.

Look at this thing. It's so pretty. Yes it is.
1 Piece Mahogany body. 5 piece maple/wenge neck. Ebony fretboard. Yummy!

The guitar weighs 8 pounds which is on the upper limits of what I find acceptable. I honestly don't remember what I was thinking when I ordered this thing with a mahogany body. It works out though. The 3 other guitars I bought already this year are all swamp-ash. So, it's a little heavy but it fits in with the rest of my gear at least.

The stained finished that Hapas uses is beautiful. Probably my favorite matte type finish that I've seen to date.

Custom hipshot bridge. You can see the grain and the wood through the finish.

Pretty pretty headstock

The maple on the neck isn't fancy flamed or anything but it's stained a dark color which looks super nice.

Open grained ebony fretboard is delicious as always. I'm not always a big fan of streaky ebony but this looks uniformly dark until you examine it up close. There's not a massive color difference like some ebony I've seen. The frets are completely balled with no visible tangs.

Fit and finish on this guitar are fantastic. Hapas uses cnc to make the rough shapes I think and then everything else is finished by hand. The body has a super comfortable bevel.

The neck profile is pretty good. It's not my favorite but it's really comfortable. The neck is a little bit thicker then an Ibanez Wizard.

This guitar has hands down the best fretwork I've ever seen. The frets are completely smooth and rolled, perfectly level with low action even after being shipped halfway around the world.

I got their set of A5 high output hum buckers. I should have gotten the ceramics but these pickups sound really good. They remind me of a bkp nail bomb with more grind and clarity.

Overall pretty happy. Teles are best.
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Thats super sexy. HNGD
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Nice!. You got any video clips or anything like that? Would love to see it/ hear it

I can't really record right now. but you can watch this video of this other hapas. It sounds like djent

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Sounds like the perfect choice. What tuning are you using this in?
that is a nice looking tele shaped guitar!

congrats min, hope all is well with the family.

and by "well with the family" i mean, i hope she hasn't left you over gear yet.
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