So my amp arrived and just started playing it. (Don't have the cab yet just playing through earphones till I buy the laney 1x12 cab) and I'm trying to find the right settings. I'm trying a glassy clear clean sound like Animals as leaders and CHON. and for  lead a good progressive aal, tesseract etc. tone and an 80's metal tone. I followed the instructions in the booklet but it sounds too muffled with the low mids and pulled mid switch. For clean I have volume 5. gain 3, bass -3, middle +3, treble +3. rhythm volume 5. For lead pre boost 4, gain 5, bass +4, mids -3, treble +1, volume 5. Dynamics are about 9 o clock, tone at 0, reverb at 7.
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well the headphone out sounds terrible.
also no settings threads.
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