I have  a marshall 8100 head and a micro dark, both(not at the same time I'm not crazy)  going through a 8412 cabinet and one of the speakers have died. It lets out what I can only describe as a bassy buzzing fart when anything higher than bedroom level is played through it. What speaker would be the same wattage and have a nice bass and mid response, and should I replace more than the busted one?,
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how does sound have a color?

It can also have texture and taste and weight-heavy light smooth crunchy bright muddy dark round sweet sour soft hard harsh brittle shimmering thin thick fat balanced scooped thumping silky ........
Well, when mixing speakers in 4x12 cab it is a common practice to have two speakers of each and putted in X formation so that the sound of different speakers blend together better. When speaking of speakers with nice low end and mids I am thinking of Celestion K100.

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