I am a lead guitarist for a band and would like to get an amp for £400 or under which I can gig with. My current Vox 30 watt amp doesnt have the balls or tone to manage. 
Please can I have some opinion on the best amp to get. 

BOSS Katana 100.  I gig almost weekly and I got one to replace my VOX VT40. I have never had a better amp to gig with. Loud, ballsy, and versatile.
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What sort of tones are you looking for?
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What sort of tones are you looking for?

This.  There are so many amps in that price range (especially if you go used) that this question cannot be answered barring a list of dozens of potential options.

That said, I need to offload my Marshall TSL602 which would be well under that price, so if it interests you get in touch.
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Maybe the Fender Bassbreaker 15 if you're looking for a spanky Fender sound. Albeit it gives off a nice crunchy sound as well. It's tube so 15watts is definetely gig worthy (depending on sound and venue of course).

The internet was so saturated with reviews and vids of this amp, I though it was just a scam to offload thousands of these things, but after trying one out, I instantly bought it. Love it!
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