CE22 mahogany body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and i belive a maple cap on body. dragon 2 pickups. worth around $1000 give or take. 
monwobobbo no i meant you said mahogany body but i was clarifying it was a black marble color. not mahogany. maybe its a bad pic lol. does prs have a special finish name for it?
you said it was the finish...mahogany. so i was just wondering if you happened to know finish of the black marble color. that's all. thanks for the info
the finish is named "grey black". dragon 2 pick ups as stated. 25" scale length, 10 degree radius. 1 11/16 nut.

pretty cool guitar, they sell for around $1000 here as monwobobbo stated.

"here" is near Chicago, in my world. i should move.
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Pull the bridge pickup.  There should be a MODCAT number in the pocket.  Look it up.  It gives the complete specs on the PRS.
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those ce models are true core-line. not like the new ones that are a mashup of korean and american parts. PRS was losing money selling them a the price point they were at new.  in other words, excellent guitar for the money buy it and hang on to it. looks to have a maple cap, just not a "10" top. 
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