Hi guys,

I need some suggestions in which guitar I should buy out of the two listed in the title. It's between the PRS S2 Custom 24 and the PRS CE 24.

The S2 is a real workhorse and a great guitar for the money, but I have my doubts about its Korean-made pickups. I can't really afford to spend on a full-on Core Custom 24, and I can't really wait either because I'm moving to another country, and have decided to sell my guitars instead of taking them all with me (too much hassle, and I don't really own a single super-expensive guitar). 

It's bad enough that I won't be able to play for the initial 1.5 months I'll be settling in, so I really don't want to have to wait an additional 2-3 months saving up just to get the Core model. Going 3-4 months without playing guitar will kill me, and I'd rather play a nice once instead of buying some cheap crap.

And that's why the PRS S2 Custom 24 and PRS CE24 seem to sit perfectly within the budget I've accumulated from selling off my guitars. I want one guitar, but I want it to be my main guitar. I've personally played the S2 Custom 24, but I'm more comfortable with satin neck finishes (CE24 has one), and I don't mind a bolt-on construction. 

My only question is: is the CE24 worth the money? Is it actually considerably better than the S2 to spend extra on. I could use the extra bit I'm spending on some nice pedals (got my Friedman Smallbox shipped, so that's covered), but at the same time I really want a premium quality guitar, which the CE24 is a lot closer to than the S2.