I've been playing on Yamaha Pacifica 012 for last couple of months. It isn't that bad, but I feel like I need an upgrade. I started looking for a new guitar, and I must say I've always had a weak spot for Les Paul guitars, so i got interested about Vintage V100. I saw many good opinions about this rig, and it's really affordable. Sadly, there's no way for me to check it out, because I live in a small town, and there is no guitar shop to find here, so I must relay on you guys. 
The price is almost twice as big, but is it the same with quality? 
I wouldn't think of that as an upgrade, more a sideways shift in style of instrument. An "upgrade" for me isn't so much about price, as finding a guitar I like better than the previous one. Would you like an HH LP style better than an HSS strat style? Since you fancy an LP, then I would call it an upgrade in your case, if it has good reviews.
Vintage actually makes pretty decent guitars. if you want a Les Paul style guitar and can get that one at a decent price then no reason not to. i have a Vintage VS6 (SG style) and liked it better than the Epiphone version.