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hoping to just get some general feedback on my understanding on what has been done here on this Epi LPS. I had a local guy install 57 Classics Neck/Bridge, and re-wire to 50s style. Just want to confirm all looks good, and any general comments on quality of work, albeit via pics. I also wanted to get people's opinions on how the pups are setup. Is it normal to have the bridge higher than the neck? What does that achieve? I never asked for it this way, just how it came back to me. Thanks.

I also referenced this vid to get an idea of what to expect.
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What I want to understand, is, how the current flows through this circuit. So, the humbuckers are connected to the volume pots, then based on the settings of those pots, essentially how the volume is dialed, that level of sound passes through the capacitors to the tone pot. Does it then loop around inside the tone pot and based on its setting, then passes back via the capacitor to the volume pot and then via the switch to the jack outlet?

Good starter here...
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Pick up height is an individual preference. Listen to the sound you are getting on both pickups and raise or lower the pickups to your own tastes. 
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