Hello Everyone!
I'm Dario and i'm from Italy.

I'm an user of Ultimate-Guitar for years... i think 7, more or less.
I really have to thank this site because (for sure is the same for many other people) has allowed me to 
better understand music and the structure of a song.
Ultimate-Guitar has always accompanied me in my little music path.

That's why i'm writing here; I want to share my music with this kind Community, and i hope
you could enjoy it:

 "Today • Odaiba • Fernweh • Then"

Spotify:  http://spoti.fi/2fWI2iY

Bandcamp:  http://bit.ly/1ZVVHTL

TowerRecords Japan: http://bit.ly/2jn296W

Thankyou everyone for your attention.
I hope we will keep in touch!

Dario (Tirrenian)
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