Overall I think this is a solid track and I enjoyed listening to it. The tones of all the instruments are all great and they compliment each other well. The intro in particular does have the feeling like your on a beach or something, so the title suites it well. Are you mixing your own music or do you have a producer doing it? I only ask because at some parts there's a few separate tracks competing with eachother. I don't think you need crystal clear quality for this type of music and I even think its helps the grungy element, but you want to here each instrument and part of that is finding which frequency spectrum youre going to have in primary come through in. 

Are you guys recording in an isolated room? What kind of mics (and how many) are you using for the drums? The crash gets a bit loud in a few parts, and you could boost up the snare and add some reverb on it. 

The interlude well written and I think a good idea musically, seems to be missing something. I think a string-synth part would fit really well there if any of you guys play. Even if you put a bunch of doubling-layers on the vocals, that might work well too.  Also if you're not already I suggest using melodyne for vocal pitch correction. I'm not saying its off, but it will really take it to its full potential. Just my thoughts, overall, cool song. 
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Thank you very much for your feedback Wiegenlied! You sound like someone with lots of experience!

Spot on on the interlude thing! Mixing is a subjective thing, I guess but I hear that the mix is not always perfect (including the tones of the instruments), but we're working on a tight budget, hence the limitations.

Since we're at it, what do you think about the level of the main vocal? Do you think it could benefrit from a teensy-weensy boost?

Do you have your music you want me to check out?
I think the vocals are balanced pretty well. If you haven't yet, doubling vocals with two takes and panning one 100% left and 100% right helps to have its presence felt. Also works for rhythm guitars. Vocal harmonies is something you can think of in the future, too, that could beef it up. Even if you don't have a second singer, it doesnt hurt to do on studio versions. I feel like the chorus could have maybe used a harmony, especially the part with the two very high notes. 

Yeah! If you don't mind I just posted a song, my band's releasing an album in a few days.  https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1754630

Fun fact, we're from Canada, but our singer is from Russia too. 
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wtf is a selfie? is that like, touching yourself or something?
Nice tune. The drum intro hooked me right in.  The main is solid and made me want to keep listening.  The mix is good. IMHO the vocals should be a bit up in the mix because I had a hard time deciphering the words. Your vocal work is solid.  Really I could listen to this all day.  It's a pro sounding piece.  I think you got it dude!

Won't  you give my latest a listen? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1754586
The track sounds awesome to me, but I really think it could use slight volume adjustments. Cymbals sound loud overall and you could try and bring some stuff up just a little more like the guitars at 1:16 and 2:20, the second of which sounds slightly out of tune, by the way.
Make the part at 2:45 more trippy, lower the vocals and add noticeable reverb and delay, it's a break, let it break more from the rest of the song.

The song is awesome, not much to be done to it, IMO.