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2 50%
Happy Jack
0 0%
Guns on the Roof
2 50%
Voters: 4.
I Can See for Miiiles
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Guns of Brixton
Won't Get Fooled Again
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brad nailed it with i can see for miles

happy jack is a close second
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Limp Bizkit's cover of Behind Blue Eyes is superior.

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the one with an episode of That 70s Show named after it
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Glad to see my Beatles thread inspired a pit dweller to continue these lovely topics
thoughts --

--personally imo Who's Next is my fav Who album from start to finish; but my favorite Who stuff are the 60s singles -- Substitute, Happy Jack, Pictures of Lily -- My Gen., of course

--hard to say The Who are underrated, given their 70s tunes are FM & TV staples; but I do not think they get enough cred. relative to  their 60s milieu

--not to adopt the trite "their early stuff was better" posture, but I think there is a teleological narrative of rock music in which AOR was the end point (Beatlemania singles were cute, but Sgt. Pepper is Year Zero & ZoSo is the advanced stage of consciousness) -- and I think The Who test the limits of this narrative, because 1) their singles were great and 2) Pete saw possibilities beyond to rock LP, even if he could not achieve them.

--I think this is relevant, because we certainly live in a post-AOR world now -- both because "the album" as we knew it & "rock" as we knew it are over -- not to say The Who themselves are necessarily relevant or the greatest or anything, this is just my revisionist history of popular music.

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Pinball Wizard, because that song inspired me to get into rhythm guitar more.

Although Substitute also did this. Actually all their songs. Damn it why so few poll options.
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Glad to see my Beatles thread inspired a pit dweller to continue these lovely topics 
joke answer: clash city rockers

youtube comment from what might be my favourite who track after some.. research: The business has been taken over by FUCKTARDS who want to USE the ARTIST to BRAIN WASH the KIDS..Watched by accident 5 minutes of A KATY PERRY SHOW and HOLY BEJESUS ist nothing by ILLUNINATI HORSESHIT MIND CONTROL> better known as the ROTHSCHILD ZIONEST who have NASTY PLANS..they have RUINED the BUSINESS...

Elton John did a much better version of Pinball Wizard imo
But if we're talking originals it's probably I Can See For Miles
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I rest my case. 

EDIT: TobusRex --> NICE!
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Glad to see my Beatles thread inspired a pit dweller to continue these lovely topics 

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