Hey there mate!

A very cool tune! I'd say I'm not normally a fan of that type of music (some John Frusciante stuff is as far as I'd go in that direction) but your song is some ear-candy (sounds pretty much like a major label single)! Well done on the choice of effects/instrumentation - minimalistic but each effect is added with mastery!!!! The outro part (which is more or less also the intro part) is very cool! I'll steal that trick from you ) thanks!

I have a tune for you to check too. Hopefully, you will find it interesting, too!

Cool intro leading up to that first guitar lick I'm really digging t sounbdhe effects up to this point not the kind of music I normally would listen to sounds radio-friendly damn catchy (nothing wrong with that) the song has a cool feel to it reminds of southern California for some reason the further I get into the song the more I'm liking it the structure is perfect keeps you guessing to a point overall a cool song keep up the good work c4c?