This is the first wah pedal i've ever owned, and I loved it right off the bat. However, something happened to where the pedal no longer works. At first it was a matter of the pedal making the guitar sound terribly muddy when turned on, yet my guitar was completely clean when the pedal was off. Now, the pedal does not work at all, and if my guitar volume passes a certain threshold, I get a terrible scream from the amp.

Another problem of mine is that when i turn on certain pedals (EHX Small clone and tone city fuxx fuzz) they make a really unpleasant click in the amp.
Help would be vastly appreciated, thank you.

I am by no means a gear junkie so it is very possible that I just screwed something up when messing with the pedals (as I said, first wah).
How is the wah powered? Maybe the battery is going dead.

As far as popping, it's a common issue if you Google it. If it's due to a D.C. offset on the pedal output then a Lehle DC Block can help. Otherwise, because of pedal impedances some work better before or after other pedals. Adding a buffer pedal sometimes helps.
8Len8 The pedal is powered through a powersupply. I've gotten the pedal to work again, but I still have the issue of it making my tone massively muddy, whereas just yesterday, if the wah was all the way down, my tone would go right back to normal.
isaiahgeer8745 try powering the wah off a battery to rule out a problem with the supply then.

Is the wah the only thing between the guitar amp amp?
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8Len8 My pedal chain is guitar into my Vox v845 Classic Wah Pedal, then my Boss DS-2, TC Fuxx Fuzz, all into my Marshall Code 50 amp. I literally had zero problems with this chain until hours ago.
isaiahgeer8745 divide and conquer. Determine where the problem is.

- Power the wah off a battery to rule out the power supply.
- Run the wah only beteeen your guitar and amp to rule out a bad cable or weird interaction with another pedal.
8Len8 I don't have a 9V around me, but:

-I've made it the only pedal in the chain.
-I've tested several cables and power supplies

But I'm still getting this terrible muddy tone. It sounds completely fine when the pedal is turned off, but I obviously then have no use for my pedal lol.
isaiahgeer8745 how old is the wah? It could have just simply broke. No product has 100% yeild, so you might have just got a bad one. Time for an exchange?
8Len8 I've owned it less than a week. If my local guitar store can't help, then I guess I will look into it. As far as my problem with the popping from the pedals, I've looked into it but have had no luck finding a real solution.