Hi peeps, I bought a ESP H351 with EMG's and a Floyd Rose Special, and it's the best guitar I've played but its my first time using a floyd rose and its started going out of tune a tad whenever I whammy. My big question, which may be a newb question, is now that it's out of tune do I need to use new strings? I looked and someone was saying the strings might just need to be stretched more. I bought new strings for this guitar (Ernie Ball 11-48) so is this the case? Do I gotta streeeeeeeetch?
Whenever you restring a floyd, you must fully stretch the strings in before you lock the nut down. That's customary whenever you restring a floyd, or any other guitar for that matter.

You must also ensure that the baseplate is sitting level with the plane of the body as well.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend