So ive had a small burswood acoustic guitar for the past 7 years (its probably older I think it is a hand me down but cant remember) and its just falling part. So now im looking into a new one and have a limited price range of 75$. Keep in ind this wont be my main guitar as that is reserved for my epiphone les paul junior that ive been learning on for the last 2 years so what really matters is that 1 its full size (because im 6 foot and playing on a childs guitar was weird) and 2 its reliable. Right now im looking at a rouge rd 80 if anyone has opinions on that.
No idea what that is. You're probably best off haunting Craigslist-type sources and finding the best possible used guitar for the money. I have a cheap yamaha (I think it was under $150 new) that's been stellar for the last eight or nine years. I'm sure they're available within your budget range used.
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Burswood seems to be a brand that makes cheaply produced guitars with bad quality. A bad starter guitar even.

For $75, look at the second hand guitars available on Craigslist, ebay, reverb or store apps etc, or any local guitar store. Not sure what you can get with $75 though.
tony00237 There are some new guitars available for around 75 buck. "Rogue" is Musician's Friend's starter brand: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/6-string-acoustic-guitars/rogue#narrowSideBar It is granted a, "I have some good news, and some bad news proposition". While I've heard even some experienced musicians call the Rogues "decent for the money", quality control is apt to be a bit lax, or at least a bit intermittent>

Balancing that, trotting all over a few counties to look at used stuff runs up the budget more than one might admit.

It would be nice if you could bump the budget up a bit, say enough for an Epiphone DR-100 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-dr-100-acoustic-guitar Or this AJ-100 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-ltd.-ed.-aj-100-acoustic-guitar

These Epiphones are usually well reviewed and enjoyed by their owners. While both are over your budget, by the time you get down dicking around driving all over and haggling with current owners, the extra money, (at least IMHO), would be well spent.

I'm not saying that if a good deals falls in your lap, ,not to take it. But what I am saying is, the search for the wild goose is not always convenient or pleasant.
Yeah I think maybe I will hold off and save some money and just play on my electric (because at least with that it doesnt rattle when i strum and chords sound ok) for a while until I get the money to get a good acoustic in a month or so. I looked up some of the recommendations given and some found in a nother post and they seem to be about 300 is that a good amount to save for this or should I do a bit more or less?
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Check this out though!

All those should be cheaper second hand (if you're thrifty), but cheap new as well. The Yammy 310 and Fender are good starters, the Yamaha because it's built like a tank and balanced, and the Fender because it has a more depth midrange, and has a "electric" neck which you may feel more comfy with.

Remember to test and play before purchasing! Feel matters.
At that price, craigs list is probably the best bet. I've seen used excellent condition epihone dr-100's and similiar type guitars on CL in that price range. Might have to search your local CL's for a little while but a good deal will come up eventually.
At that price you will be looking at a laminated guitar.  Luckily modern laminated guitars can sound pretty good.  The issue with cheap guitars is that out of the box many are bordering on unplayable because manufacturing tolerances tend to be quite low.  This means that many need a pro setup before you can make them play comfortably.  Whenever possible you should play the guitar before you buy it just to be sure there are no issues with fret buzz or action.  If you can't play it first then Yamaha and tanglewood tend to play very well out of the box and I would consider them to be a safe bet.
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Go to Guitar Center's website and check out their used gear section . I've seen both , Fender and Epiphone Acoustics that fall within your price range.