Hey everyone, 

Recently bought one of these, got it shipped to me but its got a couple of issues

The Epi website says the neck has a satin finish but the one I recieved is pretty glossy. 
Is this just a one-off error or is the website wrong?

Also, the guitar has very very high action yet also TONNES of string buzz. 
I just changed the strings to no avail. Reluctant to take it for a set up as I just paid a lot of money for the guitar in the first place.
Strangely, the Nut is MUCH taller on one side than it is the other so the EAD side is quite raised while the other strings are lower. 

I've got in touch with the company I bought it from and can arrange to get a refund, but is there any light anyone can shed on these odd issues?

If it's new send it back. The end
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It's annoying, but I would send it back too. I had fret buzz issues with my epiphone trad. after i first got it. I fooled around with the bridge and carefully adjusted the truss rod and it seemed to help. Strange that the nut is that obscure though. Epiphone I'm afraid is not always perfect. Nice guitars but they generally do need a setup.
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+1 If you are not happy with the purchase then by all means send it back. 

The odd nut aside, New guitars , regardless of price,  needing a basic set-up, tweak, etc is (imo) nothing out of the ordinary. I actually expect it. 
I own a number of Epi Les Paul's and they all needed a set up to varying degrees. Nothing drastic but a truss rod adjustment and bridge adjustment. I agree that every new guitar needs a set up. Whether it's a Gibson Standard that costs $2800 or an Epi LP that cost $500, in my experience they all need one when they are new. That is one reason I look for used Epiphone Les Paul's. They usually have been set up to some extent and any issues have already been dealt with. I have five Epiphone LP's (different modals). I bought two new (1960 Tribute and Ultra) and they both needed a set up which fortunately I have learned to do it myself. The three used ones needed only slight modification more to suit my taste. The only guitar I ever bought new that didn't require anything was an inexpensive Agile AL2000 that for me was perfect out of the box. 

I suggest you return it and ask the seller to insure that they send you one that has been checked out. I'm pretty sure they will still want the sale.
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Thanks for the replies, I got it from GAK. Ive got stuff from them before and theyre a good company. 

I'm thinking I'll just get a refund for the time being and then maybe buy another (that will have the satin neck) when I can warrant taking it for a set up. Usually, I would have a go at setting it up myself but when it comes to messing with the nut, I'm not confident enough.

Cheers guys
If your not happy send it back, just don't expect a guitar at that price point to come with a good set up because most don't.

I'd try to exchange if you like it and if the new one has a good nut then geat a good set up on it and you should be golden.
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