Basically, I got a new guitar. I was tuning all the strings. Keep in mind I'm a beginner. Anyways I used apps to help me tune them. I got to the D string and it was not able to tune. It said it was too low and and I tuned it up but the peg wouldn't go up anymore so that meant I can't tune it up anymore. When I tuned all the way down it was superrr loose. When it was tuned up the string was tight and nice but way out of tune. I don't know how to fix this. The string is fine. I just can't seem to tune it more up. Is it the saddle? Is it next to the string at the head of the guitar. Please help
When you say peg won't go up anymore, do you mean there are too many wraps on the tuning peg?
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guitarkid8 No like it's just stuck there you know what I mean? The String is fine (sort of) It's wrapped but the peg doesn't tune up anymore. It's at the max point of the tune. Like when i go more up then that it just makes a little noise and goes back to the way the peg was. I can tune down but when I tune up to the furthest point to where you can't move the peg anymore. However the D string is still too low and I can't tune up anymore. Shall I send pictures?

My problem is that my D string is out of tune (Too low) and I can't tune it up to where it should sound cause the peg is already tuned to the max. Idk if its the saddle or something
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If you're near a guitar shop, take it there and have them show you how to restring. This sort of issue is a lot simpler to sort out in person, and is often just a little misunderstanding or mistake and not an equipment problem. Any decent guitar shop will take two minutes to show you how to tune properly. Be considerate and buy a set of strings or picks while you're there. 

It's probably not the saddle. There's not really anything the saddle could do to cause this issue. It could be at the nut but that's extremely unlikely as well.