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John - Oh Yoko
Paul - Silly Love Songs
George - What is Life
Ringo - his work on Thomas the Tank Engine

They all mostly suck post-Beatles tbh.

I like Jet and some of the most famous Paul McCartney ones. John Lennon had some good songs but I don't like them anymore. George's music was not my style, Ringo lmao.
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badopinionsman22: band on the run is a better beatles album than sgt. p's lonely hearts club band, yellow submarine, magical mystery tour & the white album

anyone remember when Ringo publicly announced he'd no longer be signing any more autographs?

You're Sixteen
The rest are meh
A poem.
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Lennon- Cold Turkey
McCartney- Banned on the Run
Harrison- Got My Mind Set On You
Ringo- none to be honest.
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They all mostly suck post-Beatles tbh.


Wings had some cracking songs and Band on the Run is a great album
All things must pass is on par with anything the Beatles did
John wrote way more personal and deep stuff
Ringo had a cool beard
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anyone remember when Ringo publicly announced he'd no longer be signing any more autographs?


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Ot: I like jealous guy and watching the wheels
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Lennon - How do you sleep?
Paul - Maybe Im Amazed
Harrison - Wah Wah
Ringo - Devil Woman
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