It seems the Adirondack spruce top need many years playing to get better sound.
Is that the good chioce for using Tonerite  on it  for months to make the sound better?
Opinions on the value of the Tonerite and similar devices vary a lot, and the subject of much debate in acoustic fora. Tone doesn't always improve with age and/or use; one expensive guitar I bought got much worse with age.  I now greatly prefer to buy old, well used acoustics so that I know what I'm getting. 
You can't paint every guitar with the same brush but generally adirondack needs to be broken in in order to sound it's best but it doesn't take "tens of thousands of hours" like tonerite claim.  It usually only takes less than 100 to loosen up. Simply putting the guitar on a stand in front of a speaker and playing some music for a few hrs will really loosen up the sound of a tight sounding new guitar.   I wouldn't personally bother with a tonerite.  I'd just play the guitar a lot.  By the time you get familiar with it the guitar will be broken in.
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