I am debating on whether to get the Sterling by Musicman Jp70 or Jp170D. What are the differences between them? Does the Jp170D really come with John Petrucci's signature pickups? Are either of these guitars worth getting or should I just save up for one of the Ernie Ball Musicman Jp guitars? I know that the Ernie Ball guitars are better then the Sterling guitars but for the money are the Sterling guitars worth it? If I was to get an Ernie Ball Jp 7 string which one would you recommend?
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You need decently deep pockets or be very lucky on a great used deal for a real EBMM. I briefly owned a JP70, it was a pretty decent guitar for the money. When the stealth black was selling for $500US new, that's a lot of guitar, not quite sure how great the value the 170d is. The real CL/LF pickups will add to the cost, so will the cosmetic upgrades.

As with any other guitars, the gain you get from higher end is not a 1:1 ratio of their costs. I love the feel and construction quality of my EBMM JP6. At 3-4 times the cost of the Sterling, is it 3-4 times better? Nope!

So it just comes down to how much disposable incoming you have and if you're willing to splurge. For me, there was no question. My JP6 is my best playing guitar and puts a huge smile on my face every time I pick it up.
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DarthV I really do want an EB MM but right now I can't afford one so the Sterling guitars are going to have to do. I am just going to have to save up for a while and buy one when I have the money. Since I never played a 7 string guitar (have played an 8 string for about a minute at GC) and only want to play DT and Steve Vai songs I will get a Sterling Jp 7 string now and when I have enough money for an EB MM I will get a Jp 6 string because 6 strings are more my thing.