I recently purchased a Platinum Series Warlock at a pawn shop and managed to drop the price down to around 40$. My question is was it worth the price? it was a bit beat up and the bridge was all over the place and a pick up missing the springs to hold it right but i managed to fix it all up with a few things from home. overall it sounds great though would it be worth to mod the hell out of it?  
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For $40 why not? Are the frets and neck good?
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They're very cheaply made guitars and are generally pretty poor overall. They're found in pawn shops the world over because nobody wants them.

But for $40, it's hard to complain.
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metalmingee Overall its pretty well, no damages or warping over the neck. Plays pretty well actually. Been using it a bit more and has been working fine though i do want to swap out the pick ups on it. Just not sure what to toss on it.
If it weren't for my horse i wouldn't have spent that year in college
T00DEEPBLUE It's strange how the pawn shop that is near me usually has a few and i have bought some from there too pretty cheaply since they hardly ever sell there. Had gotten a Virgin Platinum there too for around 25-30$ since it was sitting there for a year
If it weren't for my horse i wouldn't have spent that year in college
Platinum series were better than most of the junk BC Rich made in the 90s. this was their higher end import series. they aren't great guitars for the most part but are usually reasonably playable. for $40 it's actually a steal. 

OP BC Rich doesn't have a lot of fans on this board as many do remember the cheezy crap they made in the 90s to early 2000s. the quality control was poor and things like the widow headstock turned off many players. when looking at BC Rich the neck through models are generally considered "the good ones" (a few bolt on models do get some love though). sadly not to many here have ever had the chance to play a US made model or to a lesser extent the higher end Korean and Czxech made models.