FS: Dr Bonkers Guitar Cab-Oddities™ Teaser: 1983 Marshall® 1960A JCM 800 Lead Series™ Guitar Amp Cab

 Have  I lost my mind? 

If you read the FAQ on my site, you know that I was not interested in capturing Marshall cabs because there were so many ir's of them already on the market in so many different varieties.

However, my friend's cab is the best sounding one I ever came across. It was loaded with the original Celestion G12-80's when we opened it up and checked the codes on the speakers.

That made me change my mind about offering ir's of this cab, but there are still quite a few G12-80 loaded cab ir's on the market.

What would make you try my guitar cab ir's like so many bass players have tried and liked my ir files?

I will give you extreme value for your hard earned cash. 

If you order both the fractal & wav file combo, I have priced this cab pack at under $2.00 USD.

My hope is you will try this out  and will feel safe about buying my other guitar cab packs.

For more details, please see: 

Each of the video links featured in the URL has more details regarding how I recorded each demo, but rest assured there was no additional track processing or double tracking. 
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