Hello peeps. I'm looking into a guitar kit for my local luthier to build for me. Long story short, I envy a 7 String Explorer shape, very similar to Gibson. James Hetfield and Matt Heafy are huge influences on me, so I thought this would be a pretty cool thing to look into.

I stumbled upon PitBull / Pit Bull Guitar Kits and saw the 7 string explorer kit. They're an Australian company, but I think the kits are made in china? (Could be wrong) Has anyone heard about this company? I've emailed them and they can do a "custom kit" and make slight modifications to the kit. Woods, scale length, Inlays, routing, optional Hardware, etc.

If anyone has experience with these kind of kits, help me out by filling me in on things to expect. Thanks guys

Also, if I were to order a custom 7 string explorer kit, should I go with the traditional 24 3/4 or go 25 1/2 if I'm tuning a halfstep down?
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kentrock I tune a half step down and I'm probably just gonna use 25.5 scale length. Not a fan of the baritone feel, definitely a fan of the sound. I'll sacrifice sound for playability.

dspellman The guitar being neck heavy or unbalanced doesn't bother me too much. I've played a few Explorers, a few. Most of them were neck heavy so I sort of expect it to be neck heavy.