Hey everyone,

I appreciate any feedback in advance!

Current guitar: Yamaha FG700S. Self taught since 2012 and looking to upgrade.

Love the look and feel of the Taylor GS mini. Can get it for $400 new.

Question: Is it worth upgrading or should I continue with Yamaha until I improve while saving up for a better full size?

Again, I appreciate any feedback and thanks for your time!
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It's a cool little guitar if you are looking for a small bodied short scale type. I've only played them in stores un-amplified and they were fun. (imo) It seemed more of a fingerpicker than a flatpick strummer. 
That taylor isn't really much of an upgrade as much as a side step.  It is going to sound a lot different so it could be worth doing in you want the tone of a small body guitar.
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...[ ]....Love the look and feel of the Taylor GS mini. Can get it for $400 new. ...[ ]....
I'm going to say right up front I've never played a GS Mini, nor am I sure I've even seen one.

With that out of the way, the Mini has always impressed me as being a novelty item, as opposed to being someone's day in, day out, prime guitar.

Many finger picking stylists do go in for smaller bodied instruments, but those are largely orchestra models, with a ton of presence.

Myself, being a strummy pick style player, I think I'd rapidly tire of the lack of punch in the bass from a Mini. (I'm told the Mini has a good bottom end, but I fear it may only be audible to the Taylor faithful).

However, the Taylor 114ce would be a decent step up from the Yamaha. You apparently like Taylor's tonal signature, hence the 114 would be a sonically fatter, wider, more powerful, "big brother" to the Mini.
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Great feedback. Will hold onto the Yamaha for now. Thanks for the suggestion on the Taylor 114- I'll add it to my list of options. Thanks again to all of you, I appreciate the quick and helpful advice!
I see the Taylor GS Mini as a significant upgrade constructionally from the Yamaha, has it has a bolt-on, shim-adjustable neck. The ones I've tried had also sounded pretty good, though I liked the mahogany-topped version better than the spruce one. However, like CC, I would save up for a "100" series, like the 110 or 114, because I prefer a very strong bass response. It would be good if you could try a GS Mini side-by-side with a 110 or 114.
I have a 2003 Taylor 110-GB which I got used recently. It's a full sized, dreadnaught which in my 45 plus years of playing, is the best sounding acoustic I have ever owned. Go to Guitar Center's website and click on their used gear section . You can probably get one of those, or a Big Baby Taylor used, for under $400.00. 
I'd stay with the Yamaha FG700. What do you mean when you say "upgrade"? More expensive, "famous name", etc, etc.? Chances are an "upgrade" will play and sound no better than your Yammie.