Hello Everyone. I am thinking about getting a multi effects for my 6100LM to run in a Four Cable Method setup. I am thinking about picking up either a used Digitech GSP1101 or Line6 Pod 500HD. I am not super interested in the amp models, but more how transparent the gear is, the customization of the effects order, and the quality of the onboard effects. How do people feel about one or the other? Right now I have a Gen 1 Vox Tonelab SE, and I would like something with more flexibility, and does not color the tone as much.
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diabolical Thanks for the input, all these units have MIDI, so channel switching is super easy for me, even with my Tonelab. Do you prefer the Boss units for better effects, transparency?
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^ yes

The routing is easier to do on the Boss units, also the quality of effects IMO is better.

This guy sold me on it, and his demo is right on:

The routing isn't easier on the BOSS units, honestly. While you're looking at Glen de Laune's videos, you might skip over to his website; he's got a TON of patches for the Line 6 Helix and HD500 (he's currently using the Helix himself) and he's also got some patches for the BOSS units. https://www.glenndelaune.com/patch%20downloads.htm

The HD500 series pods have effects from the M-series (M13, M8, etc.) units which are some of the best available anywhere.

I've been using the HD500 for quite a while, and recently switched to the Helix. Easily the best routing setup with the most flexibility I've seen (I've also got an Axe-FX). And take a gander at the back of the Helix -- it's got amp switching built in, as well as four (count 'em, FOUR) FX loops. And it can handle IRs (including those from third parties).
The Helix and Axe-FX look great, but the price point is just a bit too high, especially if I am not going to be using much amp modeling. Maybe in a few years, once the used market is more developed.
Is it possible to add an up front loop in the HD500 or Boss units? I do have one or two nice OD pedals that I would like to switch in and out from the unit. 
Any thoughts on the GSP1101 in particular?
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Boss units have 1 loop, so if you're willing to put these units in the Boss send/return loop, you can switch that off from the unit. I think HD500 is the same way.
The Digitech units just don't sound very good imo, tried several of them around the time I ended up with the GT-10. GSP1101 is probably their best unit though...I did have friends that swore by it and it has a good user following, I never liked its amp modeling, and unfortunately haven't heard it in 4 cable setup without amp models to judge. Looks like it might do what you need and rackmount might be a plus. I just don't agree with their comnand software, Boss makes most sense imo.
I think there's also Boss rackmount that was made around the GT-8 that sounded good, had a few of these brought over on recording sessions.
I'm a bit torn myself.  I've never been much into effects but it would be nice to just get a basic setup going.  I only have a Boss RC-20XL looper pedal, a Line 6 Echo park delay, and a MXR 10 Band EQ (which to be honest I don't even use as my amp has a built in EQ).  I have spring reverb in my amp but it would be nice to get a dedicated reverb Pedal, a wah, maybe chorus, flange and a noise gate.  I don't care about distortion, my Mark IV has all the gain and tones I need between the 3 channels. 

I was actually eyeing used Line 6 M13's as they can be had for about $350 CAD used but I think I'm just going to go dedicated pedals regardless. Just seems like a better long term investment than a modeller that will probably be outdated in a year.   It is mighty tempting though. I'm still not sure. 
I used my GT-10 with my Mesa Dual Mini Rectifier and works great. I set it up as a pedalboard in 4 cable method and did the switching with the Mesa channel switch, that worked great. I don't use the Mesa as my main rig, it is my backup/small club rig and my GT-10 usually goes on my main rig in patch mode instead as I use more sounds on there.
A modeler will get outdated, for sure, but don't buy for the models. You can get used GT-10 for about $200-$250 and set it up in single pedal mode and see if you like it, if not, flush it back on Ebay, small cash outlay lost at most, or might even break even. It has the Boss effects, which might not be the best of everything but are quite serviceable and sound good with little fuss. I use the chorus, OD. eq, delay and reverb and wah in pedal mode and setup one of the switches to change channels on my amp, so it is like a pedalboard that cost $250 instead of $700 that I'd have to pay in pedals. On my main rig I go in more detail and program patches with different stuff, Uli Roth volume swells, some weird phaser things, etc.
reverb66 Asides from OD, compressors, phaser, wah and sometimes chorus you will want in front of the preamp.
- Lord Bosch
Now that the HD500 is 'old', you can pick them up for very little. I kept mine to use as a MIDI controller for my Kemper and to use with my 5150III in 4CM.
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