So, this guy on Facebook Marketplace is selling what he claims to be a 1995 MIM Stevie Ray Vaughan Fender Stratocaster.  I've done a bit of research and, from what I've read, have found no evidence of a MIM SRV Stratocaster ever being made.  Also, the "SRV" on the guitar seems to be different than what I've seen online.  I've been wanting to buy a Strat for a while now and almost made him an offer, but after doing some research I'm a little skeptical.  Any advice?  I've uploaded a couple pictures.



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$300 for a nice MiM Strat?  If it plays nice just buy it already.  It's probably a good one that he customized himself.  It looks pretty good.  Will it be a $20k collector piece some day?  Nope, this is a $300 player so play it. 
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It doesn't say it's an SRV strat, it says it has Genuine SRV Appointments, which means someone with a handful of stickers and a dream thought it was a good idea. 

The flaming on the headstock and the poor/thin blending on the burst me pause. They both can show up on MIMs but they're not common, and both on one guitar would make me take a closer look at its authenticity. It's hard to tell for sure from the pictures, so maybe it's nothing, but I'd be wary given the rest of the, uh, upgrades that somebody added. 

Even if it is real, I can't say I'd want it. Those stickers aren't doing any favors to the resale value, they're almost certainly not going to come off, and MIM strats aren't exactly rare. You could probably find one without stickers, maybe a bit of wear, for 300 and a bit of patience, or you could have a nice clean one any day of the week for 350-400. 
There are no official mim SRV models. looks like a typical MIM with stickers and an aftermarket guard. Me, I would pass and get one of the revamped models, which started around 2009,iirc. Fender changed the spec's to med/jumbo frets, full size trem block, steel saddles, etc...... places like GC have boatloads of used ones.
Looks like a regular mom with new pickguard. 95s aren't bad but have small trem block so you'd need to replace that. The other thing is that they have vintage style frets which may not be what you are used to. Price isn't bad at al