I'm looking for plans to build a speaker cabinet.  i want to to a decent quality build, not a frankencab, yet keeping it fairly simple..  possibly a 1x12 or 2x12.  does anyone have any good resources for plans?
First you need to choose your speaker and get the Thiele parameters, then build your cab around that for best tuned bass response.  A quality Thiele tuned cab like the Mesa 1x12 is pretty excellent.  Plans are available if you are loading it with an EVM 12".  If bass output is not important, just copy the dimensions of a cab you like.

Full disclosure : I used to build cabs for both guitar and PA applications.  Many turned out very nice with excellent tuned bass.  Some were honestly a waste of perfectly good plywood.  
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1. Email the folks at speakerhardware.com and see what you can come up with.

2. I used these plans and built a pair of these cabinets (yes, including those exact speakers, ports and tweeters): http://www.colomar.com/Shavano/stereocab.html Rather than cover mine with rat fur, I had them hosed with LineX at a local dealer. I used Loctite Premium PL to glue the cabinets together and keep them airtight. They went on tour and were absolutely brutal. For a while I ran a stereo tube amp (carvin ts-100) through them, later switched to a Carvin HD1500 (about 750W per cab). Never an issue.