And I've hit a snag. Or so I think.

This is a 2012 PRS SE Singlecut, and the default pickups have two wires - a white one, and a ground wire. It has two humbuckers and a 3-way selector.

The new DiMarzio one is a Crunchlab, containing 5 wires. I've understood from a few threads as well as their own documentation that I can combine the black & white. Check. Combine the green & ground. Check. But, the sound is very thin, like it's running on one coil. I suppose this is where the red one comes in. No matter where I solder it (middle position, or attached to the black & white one), the sound doesn't improve, or only gets more tinny.

My question is... where the hell do I put the red one, or do I combine them in a different way for that humbucker sound?
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The red is hot and should be soldered to the switch or  a lug on the volume pot depending on how your guitar is wired.  The black and white should be soldered together and taped off to prevent them shorting to anything else.  The green and bare should be soldered together and then to the back of the volume pot.  If it sounds thin check the resistance with a multimeter by touching one probe to the red and the other to green.  It should read just over 11k.
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I'm going to assume that guitar has 1 volume , 1 tone and a 3 way switch the same way my Schecter Omen 6 does. Are all the electronics in one cavity? Usually for standard series wiring you solder the green and bare to ground, white and black are soldered together and then covered with tape so they don't touch anything else, and red will likely go on the 3 way switch. If it sounds really thin, try adjusting the pickup height, raise it up, and make sure you have the bar facing in a way that you prefer. I haven't used a crunch lab, but from what i've read, it can sound warmer or brighter depending on which way the bar is facing.

Touch a screw driver to the pickup while your guitar is connected to the amp, to see if both coils work.
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I'm guessing it's indeed the bar, currently facing the neck. It sounds like it's not even active in mid position. When touching it with a screwdriver there's definitely magnetic force, meaning it works? Would there be a way for me to rewrite it in such a way that it grabs the other coil closer to the bridge (without repositioning the pickup) or is that unadvisable?