Looking to lose the emgs out of a couple guitars and replace the bridge of another.

Ill start by telling you what axes i own that I love the tone in.

Sterling Ax40d with the Dimarzio axis pups and basswood body 
Diamond Halcyon ZB Sig. with Duncan pegasus/sentient pups with mahogany body and maple top

Now for the axes with the emgs that will be leaving

Jackson MG DK Dinky with alder body
ESP mh-350fr with Mahogany body and maple top.

I also recently got one of the new ibanez rgpremium's with a basswood body with Dimarzio Tone Zone, True Velvet, and Air Norton. 
I dont like the TZ. Too bassy in this axe. I replaced it with a Illuminator and it helped alot but still not what i want to settle on. Looking at the AT-1.

The dimarzio Titans look appealing and also the duncan custom 5. I am finding i like more conservative output pickups these days. 
I play prog/power metal if that helps, so note clarity is a must.
The wood the guitar is made from really doesn't make an appreciable difference at all when amplified. Especially since you're piling a load of gain on the amp anyway. Nor have you told us anything about why you don't like the EMG's, or what amp you're using. So you're making it difficult to recommend anything. Obviously EMG's are super compressed, but if that's the only reason you're swapping them, then the 18v mod largely fixes that.
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I just don't like the characteristics of emgs, it's hard to say exactly why. There's just a nicer crunch to some good passives. Plus i like to have a nice clean. I actually don't pile on the gain either. I'm looking for more medium output pups these days. And i have a laney irt-studio as my main amp. And I keep my gain low
Ok, that helps.

From the first post, I'm guessing you generally intend to play metal. Is that true?

Also, per-guitar budget?
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Yea. Kind of proggy/crunchy metal. Since I need 5 pick ups in all im trying to stay within 100 for each. I am interested in bkp nailbomb, and duncan alpha/omega but at those prices, i feel like i could get something similar for less
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